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The United Order

Post by Torquemada » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:41 am

When I was but a toddler my parents entered into a small community of LDS. It was meant be a community that lived in the united order. It was not church sanctioned, but the church didn't stop us and allowed us to build a chapel and continue.

It was a group of less than 20 families on wilderness land that nobody wanted. Water was scarce and was piped to our tiny community 5 miles away from some natural springs. It was rocky, mountainous, dry and mostly scrub brush.

The bankers objected to us having our homes in common and this required the land to be divided into lots and each of us build our own homes. However we all pitched in and built each other's homes and some shared homes until their respective homes were built.

The members of the "corporation" pitched in together to build our own electrical and telephone systems. All of us were just common LDS. A couple were salesmen that commuted, a couple of school teachers, carpenters, cabinet makers and a plumber. Certainly not the type of professions that attracts opulence.

Nevertheless we we enjoyed the synergetic effects of cooperation. We built a home with 8 bedrooms and 4 baths for a large family. The particular home that I grew up in had 11 rooms, large rooms. All in all the homes we built could be classed as mansions, not Mcmansions but quality built to last. I passed by there a few years ago and it was for sale for nealy a million dollars as a "fixer-upper".

Our small branch had 100% tithing and home teaching for over a decade. It was a good time. Nobody locked their homes and when somebody left for a vacation we would feed their animals and even explore within their homes. We never touched anybody's possessions and had any of us kids done so the rest of us would make him put it back. But that never happened as far as I know.

Nevertheless there were disagreements but they usually got settled. We kids played together and fought together like a large family, though there was one child that I now recognize as a sociopath. The rest of us preferred to avoid him as he was a bully and caused us much pain and fear. The whole community cheered when it was announced that his family was leaving.

Then one family chose to move to another state and a non-member moved in. This new couple seemed strange to us. They would not cooperate with the rest of us and do projects together. Then another family moved away and little by little the small branch faded away. It was not do to infighting, it was due to economics. There was not enough money to send kids to college and some really struggled to send their sons on missions.

The branch was closed in the mid 70s, Our family remained and were surrounded by new and strange people. The corporation still existed but by now had only 2 members left. Nobody helped each other anymore, everybody kept to themselves. It was a bit of a culture shock having grown up during the golden time of the corporation.

It would be nice to live that way again. Many of us remain in touch via Facebook to this day.

The church does not have all the truth, otherwise why would we be admonished to seek further light and knowledge?

A Random Phrase

Re: The United Order

Post by A Random Phrase » Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:46 pm

I appreciate you sharing that. I have heard of different communities that have tried to live that way, but yours is the first genuine success I have heard of. It shows me that Zion can happen. Hopefully, the Zion we look for will not disintegrate because of financial needs, but perhaps only God can control that.


Re: The United Order

Post by Meili » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:50 pm

I've heard of several, Toni. They just don't get talked about as much as the ones that fail.

A Random Phrase

Re: The United Order

Post by A Random Phrase » Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:16 pm

Sad. It would be nice to know what worked and why.

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