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Just a story

Post by Torquemada » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:45 pm

In the beginning after the great counsel, an Earth was constructed. We all participated in the construction. We then experienced what life was like for the simple lifeforms and then evolved to experience what life is like for higher lifeforms.

We then experienced what it would be as fish, amphibians and reptiles, even the great dinosaurs. The earth was still under construction and as biological forms we saw the Earth evolve much faster for biological forms create change on orders of magnitude compared to simple chemical reactions or weathering.

Apx 5 million years ago the first Adam (mankind) appeared. Mankind was intelligent and mankind had full knowledge beyond the veil and could communicate with God's Angels. They didn't require technology simply because they lived in a Garden of Eden that they themselves created with heavenly guidance. Since they had perfect knowledge as do many other civilizations on other planets, there was no need for churches nor leaders. Writing also was unnecessary. Man didn't hunt nor eat the flesh of animals.

Mankind lived in peace for millions of years and Satan could not have power. Other Adams appeared, totally isolated from other Adams.

But that was not the purpose of this particular planet. This is the planet designated for "the brave ones". A planet of the most difficult experiences for mankind of all of God's creation. Many spirits desire to come here, but few are chosen. It's not a planet for wimps and sissies.

Mankind desired this experience and in order to gain this experience they had to separate from God, symbolized in the Bible as the eating of the forbidden fruit.

Many of mankind made the choice and they lost the ability for devine communication. They were on their own subject to learn from trial and error. The Lord had mercy on them and in every group of mankind there would be a gifted one that can heal and use herbs as medicine. Man began to hunt for meat and they became carnal and even savages. Tribes would go to war with other tribes over territory and food supplies. The knowledge of Eden was lost. Satan now was among mankind.

One tribe would conquer another tribe and slavery was born. As tribes grew bigger and consolidated the first cities began to appear. The bigger the tribe the safer they are from raiding and being plundered. Innately mankind understood that there was some power greater than them all. Religions were invented. Their gods resembled their earthly leaders as vicious psychotic tyrants. Life was violent. Life became short and miserable. Every city had to have defensive walls in order to survive.

Around 600 BC an awakening was beginning. In the middle east the Israelites are captured and Lehi escapes to the new world. Confucius is born in China and Buddha begins to spread teachings he learned in Bengal. Buddhism spread out to India and towards southeast Asia. Democracy was developing in Greece, whose knowledge in science and math was brought from Egypt and a burst of new knowledge and classical arts broke forth.

Christ was born and for a few short years was teaching a radical new religion against the tyrannical gods of the past. A god of love. This was to change the course of history, yet the change is actually only beginning presently. Many joined with his teachings.

Kingdoms grew into empires, nevertheless for the same reasons as back in the caveman days, to get control over land and resources. The Roman empire fell and plunged Europe and the middle east into the dark ages. Christ's teachings were perverted by Constantine III and the The Father again became a tyrant god.

Around 600 A.D. arose a prophet who spoke with Angels. His name was Mohammed. Again his teachings have been perverted and as with Christianity continue to pervert true and precious knowledge.

A simple farm girl who spoke with Angels in the early 1400s changes history. She was burned as was Abinadi sealing her testimony. Joan D'arc. Her efforts brought King Louis XI into power. One of the few good and wise kings of history, he united France and doubled its national wealth. He coined the term "commonwealth". He used consolidation for the good of his people which is quite contrary to the vast number of kings in written and forgotten history.

In 1441 Cardinal Nicolas of Cusa sets off a spark that burns into the Italian Renaissance, which then spreads over Europe and into the Americas. Satan does all he can to stop progress by instigating a century devastating religious wars ending with the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia. Let us see what we have in common rather than how we differ was one of the main principles.

In 1620 a small band seeking religious freedom left Europe and settled at Massachusetts Bay. From this small group are descended myself and many great leaders, writers, intellectuals, Joseph Smith and Emma Hale. The Puritans were among the best educated people in the world. By 1646 they had built the world's first automated steel mill.

To be continued....... maybe.

The church does not have all the truth, otherwise why would we be admonished to seek further light and knowledge?

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