"Believeth all things?"

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"Believeth all things?"

Post by MichaelB » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:33 pm

This is from Denver Snuffer's blog, and I found it interesting.
The presiding high priest in the LDS church at Guymon’s Mill in early 1838 was Aaron Lyon. Guymon’s Mill was about eight miles east of Far West. Aaron Lyon’s wife died and left him with young children to care for as a single parent.

In 1837, a young woman named Sarah Jackson moved there ahead of her husband who was then serving a mission. Her husband was expected to join her a few months later, but by early 1838 he had not come yet.

Sarah Jackson went to Aaron Lyon as the presiding high priest to ask if he would pray for a revelation to know the reason for her husband’s absence. Lyon complied with the request and said her husband would not be joining her because he was on a mission now preaching to the dead because he was dead. Lyon also told Sarah Jackson that he had learned by revelation that she was to be his (Lyon’s) wife, and that if she did not marry him, her life would turn out to be miserable.

Sarah Jackson believed Aaron Lyon was a man of God, and believed what he told her. She mourned her husband’s death, and then consented to marry Lyon. The marriage was just a few days away when Sarah’s husband arrived home from his mission, alive and well, to join his wife in Guymon’s Mill. He was justifiably angry at the news concerning Aaron Lyon and his wife.

Was Sarah Jackson right to believe what she was told by Aaron Lyon, and would she have been lacking in charity, and without eternal life, if she hadn't believed him?

Is that what 1 Cor. 13:7 means?

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