Failure to Agree Is Not Opposition.

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An open discussion forum for those who have assented to the covenant offered through Denver Snuffer to write and / or adopt by mutual agreement a statement of principles as a guide and standard.
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Failure to Agree Is Not Opposition.

Post by log » Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:19 pm

Remember: you don't have to agree - not with me, not with anyone.
Failure to agree is not opposition.
Opposition is opposition.
Contending against something is opposition.
Explaining why you don't agree is not contention.
You don't have to oppose to not agree.
You can simply not agree.

Without mutual agreement, no G&S which gets adopted fulfills the Lord's requirement.
We have no announced time limit to come to mutual agreement.

And I dissent from any proposal save it be The Rock of Jesus Christ: A Statement of Our Principles.

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