A closer look at the nonmancaaf swhafugs answer

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A closer look at the nonmancaaf swhafugs answer

Post by PeterM » Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:30 pm

I was looking the answer someone received about the NONMANCAAF SWHAFUGS guide and standard, and there is some good stuff in there.

http://preservingtherestoration.com/ans ... -swhafugs/

Unless I missed something, it doesn't actually say that we need to use the nonmancaaf swhafugs as the replacement for D&C 20. What it does say (when it finally gets around to talking about the nonmancaaf swhafugs on page 14) is this:

As for the “Nonmancaaf Swhafugs” document, it is a preservation of all things given of me
through servants other than David. It is of great worth. Not because the words are perfect (though
there is truth and wisdom in them) but because it allows for others to hear my voice and for
others to hear my voice through someone other than David. This is wisdom in me as well. The
words contained in this document are sufficient for the task that has been asked of you. It
disregards nothing that was given. It is acceptable to me and pleasing in my sight. It contains
wisdom and will be a help to those who know not of the culture most of you come from. It will
help fellowships be successful if they take heed to the words. It is true, that this task was an easy
task. It could have been done long before now. Yet, in the process of asking for a Guide and
Standard, a greater purpose has been served. Those who abide by the truths found therein will be
greatly blessed.

An other part i think is important says:

The Guide and Standard will be a tool to help those who know nothing of your culture, are not
familiar with the traditions of the LDS faith that so many of you are coming out of and for those
who know not how to establish a fellowship. It will help those already in a fellowship be more
united with each other. It can be a tool to help alleviate contention and disputations. It should
contain that which is particularly relevant in this dispensation of time and not found in traditional
scripture, which it does. Again I remind you that as you are in a Telestial state, seek for that
which is good fruit that you may be able to abide with those in Zion, for all in Zion will have
good fruit meet for repentance and live laws higher than the Telestial laws in which you now

I would definitely say it is worth the time to read carefully.

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